Here are the answers to some common questions that we often receive


Q:  Do I have to make a reservation?

A:  We do require a reservation

Q:  I notice that you offer multiple packages at Tiki Terrace.  Do I have to get a package?

A:  No you do not have to get a package.  Packages are a great way to combine multiple courses along with tax and gratuity.  With a package, you will know the bottom line of how much you are spending per person.  Although anyone can get a package, they are very ideal for large parties where the payment is coming from one source.  For example:  Grandpa and Grandma's 50th wedding anniversary and one person is treating the whole group.  If this person were to order 33 Tahiti packages, the final total would be in plain sight and you would know exactly what everyone is going to get.  No guessing!  You can always order more on top of a package as well.

Q:  What if I do not want to eat an entree?

A:  At The Tiki Terrace, we charge one price per seat.  Along with your seating fee, you will receive your dinner of choice, two sides with the dinner of choice and the Polynesian Luau show.  Think about it this way- there is one fee for the whole experience, your seating fee.  Although you don't have to eat an entree, it comes with the seating fee and we would be more than happy to pack it up for you to go and enjoy another time.  Whether you eat your entree does not change your seating fee.

Q:  Can I choose my seat?

A:  The Tiki Terrace is considered a smaller venue, seating 127 people.  Our seating must be very strategic and when we have a party of 6, we must seat that party at a six top table.  When we have parties of four, we must likewise seat that party at a four top table.  We also take multiple steps to follow up and confirm your party number and time, and what we have found over the years, is parties often change their numbers.  When this happens,we must strategically change around many seats in order to optimize the front of house seating capacity.  For this reason, we cannot guarantee seating requests.  We do, however, love the view from every table and enjoy the show from a raised stage that is sure to let everyone in your party see the incredible show!