Thank you so much wanting to be a part of this Hawaii trip! The response, quite frankly, has been overwhelming- We could not be happier or thought of a better scenario! If you got this email, it means you have checked the box and let us know that you are wanting to do this trip and/or are considering it. Tiki was going to reach out and call everyone individually to answer any basic questions and really get a good feel on where you specifically, are at. The response we got has been pretty large. Large enough where we feel it is needed to do another email and and gather just a bit more information.

We are looking to see what your next step is. Some people may want to only stay updated because they are tossing the idea around in their head. Some are checking calendars and waiting to see if those dates open up. There are those that would like to talk to someone about a specific question while there are others that are ready to put a deposit down and hold their seats! Which one are you? Would you mind letting us know by checking the appropriate box? Even if you are not ready to move forward, we encourage you stay on this list while you figure things out- the only way we will remove you, is if you check the appropriate box or click the link on the bottom. Remember, we are here for you if you are in the midst of deciding. Just call and ask for Phil 847-795-8454 or throw us an email- Hawaii 2019 June- here we come!

You can always re-visit the game plan by clicking HERE

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Based off of what you choose, we will be contacting you shortly! Mahalo SO much, we can’t wait to hear from you!