#1 - Yes, I m interested.

Who wouldn’t be interested? Yes, this is the first step in this tropical escape to the Islands- Fill out the short form here and you will go on a special list- the Hawaii 2019 Tiki Terrace vacation list- Remember, there is NO obligation at this point- going on this list simply means you want to stay informed and would like speak with someone about the trip!

The dates of the trip are June 9th, - June 19th, 2019. This is Five nights on Maui at the KBH resort, and 4 nights in Kauai at the Hyatt.

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#2 - So what’s the cost?

The Tiki Terrace wanted to provide great air and fantastic resorts, while at the same time making this trip as realistic as possible! I mean, this is Hawaii! With that in mind we wanted to keep the trip around twenty fine hundred and provide options for people! Please keep in mind, prices may vary as there are options that could slightly change the price either way- The prices below are also “per person” prices based on a couple. With more than two people, you may see a price drop as the resort fee may change! With a car upgrade, you may see a price change as well, please keep these things in mind. We have all the info and can’t wait to speak with you about it!

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So first things first- right off the bat, I will reach out to you and say “aloha”. We can talk about what your thinking and tackle any main questions. To take it a step further, Joe will be handling your booking and can answer all details of the trip in further depth. It is with Joe, that you can put down a $200.00 deposit per person and that will solidify your booking- two hundred dollars and your in! Final payment is due three weeks before the trip in 2019. If you want to save a spot and put the $200.00 down, but are unsure about the dates, ask Joe about any insurance options that are available! It’s always a good idea to reserve early as rates may change- You will also go over your options with Joe. For example, you may want certain upgrades with your room view or with your car- no problem, Joe can go over all that with you! Again, if you want to reserve early, there are some advantages to this, as rooms do fill and flights do change- We will check for the lowest pricing at the time of booking- we will always take advantage of any specials and discounts for our group!

So let’s take a look at all three options. Option #1 has everything you need! it will get you there, get you back and give you the fine resorts to sleep, eat, drink and swim. It covers the flight from Maui to Kauai. This covers all you need! Option #2 includes all this plus all four Luaus. Hey, at Tiki, we know luaus are fun with groups! If you can make it to the Islands please consider attending these luaus, you won’t want to miss out! Option #3 includes all travel, all resort, the four luaus and a car on both islands. Remember, you will also have the option to upgrade your car at a later time if desired- IF you are wanting to go with option #3 but do not want to attend the luaus, that is totally possible. Just mention that to Joe and he will take care of any custom options or variances that you want! If you’re wondering why there is an option without a car, this trip is very doable without a vehicle- The resorts we stay at offer a lot of exploration, relaxation, restaurants, bars, shows, beach, snorkeling etc. You never have to leave the resort if you do not want to- On the on the other hand, there is also public transportation to all the attractions and different towns. In fact, taking public transportation is often part of the adventure and a sure way to have a lot of fun- also, we can discuss who is renting vehicles as you will be invited to join a private group on facebook, where we can discuss things of this nature. It may turn out, you don’t have to rent a car, and that is just fine- or this may be something you find very important. Please note, this cost does not include any parking fees for any vehicles rented. Also, prices may slightly vary. The prices listed above are based on a “couples” rate and are per person. If you have three or more people traveling, the rate per person will go down as the resort will be cheaper. On the other hand, if you are purchasing for yourself, the rate may go up as the prices above are based as a “couples” rate. Don’t be confused by any of this, Joe and I can walk you through this process and break it all down for you!

#3 - Let’s do this!

Maui and Kauai here we come! Let the adventure begin! This is truly is an adventure in paradise! This trip will be truly a memory that no one will forget- The time resting and relaxing is something that our fast paced, non stop society does not value as much as we should- we truly look forward to spending time creating memories, resting, having fun, going on adventures and creating relationships in true Hawaiian fashion! Once you decide you would like to join us, just fill out the above form and we will contact you about all the details! How exciting- Ahui ho, until we meet again!

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