How do you wake up lady Gaga?  Poke her face. Get it? Poker face.  Get it?  Anyway, this is not the way you pronounce one of the most esteemed and saught after dishes of Hawaii ever in the history of ever.  It is pronounced POH-KAY.  This traditional dish is cut in small cubes and mixed with soy, sesame, tomatoes and onions.  In fact, the word "poke" literally means to portion, slice or cut.  At The Tiki Terrace we slightly sear the outside of the tuna and serve warm.


Poke is Ahi Tuna.  Ahi is the Hawaiian word for Yellowfin Tuna.  Yellowfin tuna is one of the largest species of tuna reaching upwards of 400lbs!  Ahi Tuna is commonly served raw in both poke and sashimi.   In fact, "sashimi grade" tuna is a term used as a top quality product.


Food historians can't quit agree on when the term "poke" started to represent this classic Hawaiian fish dish, but the majority tend to pinpoint it around to the early 1960's.


Stop on by Tiki Terrace and give our spin on this classic dish a try!