When we see a pineapple, hear the word pineapple and even smell pineapple we no doubt think Hawaii!  Truth of the matter is that Pineapples did not originate in Hawaii-  It is neither pine, nor apple.  Pineapple origins have been traced back to South America, specifically Brazil.  Because of the HUGE pineapple industry built in the early 1900's, and because at one point, 80% of the worlds canned pineapple is from the Islands, Hawaii deserves to be in one's mind when that sweet aroma hits your nose!  The Dole plantations of Hawaii will always remain a huge part of the Island's history-

Early Hawaiians called the pineapple "Hala Kahiki".  Hala, because it resembled the Hala fruit, Kahiki, because this word means foreign.  So pineapple became "foreign halas" to the natives.

Today, people throw pineapple on something and immediately label it "Hawaiian".   Even here at Tiki Terrace we have a Hawaiian Flat Bread Pizza.  Try one if you come out during the week!  Check it out on our menu here-  www.thetikiterace.com/weekday-menu  

We also garnish all out tropical tiki cocktails with a golden slice of Hawaii, right on the rim.....with an umbrella as well, of course-  check out our list of tiki drink here as well-  www.thetikiterrace.com/tiki-bar  

Thanks for the quick read and we hope we got your mouth watering for that delicious "foreign hala"