In true Luau tradition, The Tiki Terrace offers "Ohana Family Style" eating.  No picking one entree here, we will bring multiple platters of traditional Hawaiian food to your table so you can experience the many flavors of the Islands.

Before your entrees arrive, please take a look at the many "pupu's" or appetizers in your appetizer menu.  Try the beef short rib or perhaps the ahi tuna poke.  For a very rare and traditional treat, order some taro chips and fresh pineapple salsa!

Don't forget about the tropical tiki drinks that await you! In the mood for a Lava flow or Mai Tai?  Let you server know and our expert bartenders will mix you up cocktail as you relax..tiki style!


Watch the above video to get a great idea of what Ohana Family Style dining is all about!

Appetizers (Pu Pu’s)

app pics_01.png

TARO CHIPS, In Hawaii, Taro is most often prepared as poi.  But here at Tiki Terrace, we slice our own taro & prepare as a chip with homemade pineapple salsa.  Taro is a staple of Hawaii & Tiki Terrace. $6.50, or go BIG, $8.00
-EGG ROLLS BORA BORA, Made from scratch with pork, garlic, & a variety of fresh vegetables.  $8.50        -KOREAN BEEF SHORT RIB (KALBI), Marinated and grilled, these flavor packed shortribs are out of this world...pssst, this is the Tiki staff favorite!  $12.00
-POHANA POT STICKERS, Made with pork, shrimp, and veggies.  Served with a tempura dipping sauce.  $8.75
-KOMO HANA CALAMARI,  Our calamari is NO KA OI (da best!).  As they say in Hawaii, it’s “broke da mouth, delicious”  $9.25
-POKE:  "Poke" (poh-kay) literally means to "cut" or "slice".  Raw tuna is cubed and served one of two ways.  1) Traditional: onion, tomato, sesame, soy or 2) California: mango, avocado chive, Asian sesame.   Both options are $12.00
-COCONUT SHRIMP: Coconut breaded butterfly shrimp, with a sweet coconut mango dipping sauce. $11.00

-CHICKEN WINGS: Choose from one of the following: sweet BBQ, mango habanero, Sriracha Ranch, garlic shoyu, or sweet n' spicy (no mixing please).  $9.25

-EDAMAME: This tasty soybean appetizer is cooked and coated in Hawaiian rock salt.  $6.50

Soups & Salads

The Tiki Terrace offers a wonderful Japanese udon noodle soup with a beef based broth and topped with egg, green onion and spam.  Cup $2.50 Bowl, $3.95
-HOUSE SALAD:  Our salad consists of mixed greens, a pineapple wedge, mandarin oranges, & topped with crisp chow mein noodles. Hokulea dressing (an Asian, sweet sesame dressing) is served on the side.  $3.50


Entrees are served in true Hawaiian Ohana family style!  That means you don't have to choose one entree from a menu, rather we bring out all entrees on platters for you and your table to pass around!  Enjoy these classics that Hawaii is proud of!  Vegetarian?  No problem we offer vegetarian dishes that are equally awesome and tasty!

entree pics_01.png

-ONO ONO KALUA SHREDDED PORK: Hawaii's most authentic and popular dish.  No luau takes place without the shredded pig!  Slow roasted pork that is oh-so juicy.  You know the island method of cooking the pig under the earth in an “imu”.  Well, this is the same ono-licious pork, wrapped in leaf, seasoned and served with shredded cabbage.  SO ONO-

-COCONUT CHICKEN: This has been a Tiki favorite for over a decade!  We have chicken breast marinating in coconut milk and all sorts of aloha~  Seasoned and coated with Japanese bread crumb and coconut flakes, we then fry and serve with an Asian plum sauce and a coconut creme fresh!  Out of this world!

-GRILLED MAUI MAHI MAHI:  Mahi Mahi is a classic fish of the Hawaiian south seas!  We grill over lava rock for that great flavor and coat the mahi with our home made ginger soy glaze.


-HAUPIA CAKE:  The word Haupia means Coconut in Hawaiian and our dessert is made with delicious white cake layered with traditional haupia filling and a lightly whipped coconut frosting, $4.50.
-CHINAMAN'S HAT, Ice Cream served on a warm won ton and sprinkled with shaved dark chocolate & strawberry puree $4.25
-CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE, Rich chocolate cake erupting with hot fudge.  Served with ice cream and Topped with caramel, $5.75



Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Ice Tea, Raspberry Ice Tea, Ginger Ale, Hot Tea and Coffee, $2.75

Dinner & Show Packages

Have a large party? Want to simplify the ordering?

Packages are a great option, especially when you are coming as a group. The advantage of ordering a package is simplicity. Packages take all the math and guesswork out of the process because they include both the tax and gratuity, along with multiple courses. Once you choose what package works for you, you can announce to your guests how much per person! Simple and easy. If there is one lead person paying for the whole group, its easy to figure out a final price when you know exactly how much it will be per person! Please know that you can always add more cocktails or apps beyond your package if you choose.

It is very common for a host to choose the Tahiti package, for example, and have guests take care of their own tiki drinks on a “cash bar” basis. We can also customize packages for you! If you would like something different then what is presented below, let us know!

Our date night package is great for that couple that wants multiple courses, cocktails, the show and each gets a lei! One simple price.

The Maui package offers appetizers and entrees with your refillable beverage, along with tax, gratuity and of course, the luau show.

Our most popular package! Four courses, luau show, tax and gratuity. Folks can order cocktails and add to their bill if they choose.

The grand package includes everything in the Tahiti package with the addition of two cocktails per person! This one has it all!

All courses (ex: appetizers and salads) will flow out to the guests in the appropriate timing.  

Gratuity on all packages is not added into the add-ons that are ordered


**Note, 18% service charge applies to parties of 8 or more.
**Note, If splitting checks, please forewarn server prior to ordering.
**Have allergies? Please let your server know and he/she will consult the kitchen about your order.  We do not use any MSG products, but we do use a variety of other common allergy related items such as peanut, shellfish, gluten, etc...